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'Where can I buy Japanese animation stamps?' 'Where can I get Furusato stamps?' 'Why can't I purchase Japanese postage stamps directly from the Japan postal service?' These are but some questions, we have often heard from dedicated stamp collectors and Japan philatelic fans.

Living in Japan for many years and having realized that there is a real interest in collecting Japanese stamps, we decided to set-up this site to provide stamp aficionados with access to and information on the latest Japan postage stamps, and in particular, the latest Japan new issues and other mint condition furusato hometown and Japan commemorative stamps.

Maybe you have just started collecting stamps? Maybe you simply enjoy the exotic and oriental design and beauty of Japanese postage stamps? Perhaps you are already an accomplished collector, but are yet to add some stamps of Japan to your collection? No matter which is the case, you have come to the right place.

We are the only dealer in Japan stamps based in Japan that caters exclusively to non-Japanese collectors and admirers of all things kitte (Japanese for stamp).

We have direct access to the Japanese post service and can provide you with the latest new issues Japan stamp series or with other furusato stamps, Japan animation stamps, or Japanese commemorative and anniversary stamps. And the best part is you don't have to deal with the language issue or go through complicated stamp auction sites.

Please go ahead, take some time, and browse our site. We are sure you will find your favorite kitte.

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Types of Japanese Stamps

Whether you are just starting out collecting stamps or want to add some more stamps to your already existing collection, make sure you include some of the fine stamps of Japan. Japan boasts an astonishing array of collectible stamps that will definitely add value to your collection.

The variety of available themes and designs ranges from hometown furusato stamps to Japanese animation stamps (known as anime stamps), from Okinawa stamps to furusato matsuri stamps (festival stamps), from Helly Kitty stamps to basic wildlife or scenic themed prefecture stamps. The list goes on an on. You will find exotic stamps with oriental designs, as well as, modern stamps with more abstract designs covering recent events.

There is also a very nice choice of Japan anniversary stamp sheets and other stamp series such as the world heritage site series or the travel scenes series. There is something for everyone.

To check out the various types of Japanese stamps, please pick a category of interest from the menu on the left.

Get Custom Japanese Stamps!

Have you always wanted to have your own personalized collectors stamp? Maybe you would like to see a picture of you or your loved ones being used to design a stamp?

Well, you have come to the right place.

The Japan post service recently introduced customized Japanese stamps. This feature allows you to obtain your own personalized and valid mint issue Japanese stamp by submitting a picture or photograph of your choice.

For more details, please check out our customized Japan stamps section.

Have we sparked your interest? Yes?

Let's get going and pick your favorite Japanese stamps!

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All the latest mint condition new issues Japanese stamps. Get your furusato hometown stamps and your commemorative Japanese stamps here.
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Furusato Japanese stamps for you Japan stamps collection. Choose from furusato hometown stamps and Japanese prefecture stamps.
Japanese Anime Stamps
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A large choice of Commemorative Japanese Stamps including Japanese anniversary stamps and commemorative prefecture stamps.
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A collection of old issues Japanese stamps including Ryukyu Islands stamps, Furusato stamps, and commemorative Japanese stamps.
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Get your own personalized Japan stamp. We offer custom Japanese stamps with the image of you or your loved ones on them.
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