Japan Animation Stamps

Japan animation stamps are becoming more and more popular among Japanese stamp philatelists. What started with famous characters such as Doraemon and Hello Kitty, has evolved into the Japan Post increasingly issuing Japanese anime stamps featuring the latest anime magazine stories and characters.

Below, a selection of recent Japanese anime postage stamps including the widely popular 'Hero and Heroine' stamp series.

Japan Animation Stamps - Disney Characters

Disney characters are very popular among children and women of all ages in Japan. The Japan Post, in cooperation with Walt Disney Japan is issuing two Japanese stamp sheets featuring the most recognizable and beloved Disney characters.

The Japanese anime stamps on the left picture the following Disney characters:

  1. Winnie the Pooh
  2. Piglet
  3. Alice
  4. Donald Duck
  5. Daisy Duck
  6. Cinderella
  7. Dumbo
  8. Molly
  9. Goofy
  10. 101 Dalmatians

Price: US$ 12.60 (incl. shipping)


The Disney Japan animation stamps to the right depict these beloved characters:

  1. Tinkerbell
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Minnie Mouse
  4. Bambi
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Snow White
  7. Pluto
  8. Ariel
  9. Stitch
  10. The three little pigs

Price: US$ - (incl. shipping)


Release date for these Japanese anime postage stamps is November 20, 2012.

Japan Animation Stamps - Hero and Heroine Series 18 'Rascal the Raccoon'

Number 18 in the Japanese anime stamps 'Hero and Heroine' Series features the widely beloved character of Rascal the Raccoon.

Originally created by Nippon Animation, the Japanese title for this anime series is 'Araiguma Rascal.'

It is based on the 1963 autobiographical novel 'Rascal, a memoir of a better era' by Sterling North about his childhood in Wisconsin.

The Rascal Japanese stamp sheet shows the following images:

  1. Rascal
  2. Sterling and Alice
  3. Rascal
  4. Sterling
  5. Raccoon Kids
  6. Rascal
  7. Rascal
  8. Sterling
  9. Rascal
  10. Sterling

The success of the animated series in Japan was responsible for the accidental introduction of the raccoon species into the country. Up to 1,500 raccoons were imported as pets each year.

Release date for these Japan animation stamps is October 23, 2012.

Price: US$ 16.00 (incl. shipping)

Japan Animation Stamps - Hero and Heroine Series16 'The Rose of Versailles'

One of the most popular Japanese anime stamps series is the 'Hero and Heroine Series.' The Japan Post began issuing this series back in 2005.

In 2011, volume 16 of this famous Japan animation stamps series was issued focusing on the so-called 'Berusaiyu no Bara' or 'The Rose of Versailles.' It is one of the best-known titles in Shojo Manga created by Riyoko Ikeda.

The Rose of Versailles focuses on Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, a girl raised as a man to become her father's successor as the leader of the Versailles palace guards. In the story, which is set during the time before the French Revolution, Oscar needs to deal with the intrigues at court and her conflicting desires in her relationships with Marie Antoinette, Count Axel von Fersen, and her best friend and servant Andre.

Characters shown on this Japanese anime stamps sheet are (from left to right):

  1. Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarra
  2. Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, main character and daughter to Commander of the Palace Guards, General Francois Augustine Regnier de Jarjayes (actual historic figure).
  3. Andre Grandier. childhood friend of Oscar and secretly in love with her.
  4. Oscar
  5. Axel von Fersen, a Swedish Count involved in a forbidden romance with Marie-Antoinette.
  6. Marie-Antoinette
  7. Axel von Fersen
  8. Oscar
  9. Rosalie Lamorliere, protege to Oscar and servant to Marie-Antoinette during her incarceration.
  10. Jeanne of Valois Saint-Remy, the mastermind behind the historic affair of the diamond necklace.

Issue date for this Japanese anime postage stamps sheet was June 10, 2011.

Price: US$ 15.60 (incl. shipping)

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