New Issues Furusato

The issuance of new issues furusato Japanese stamps are always eagerly anticipated by Japanese philatelic fans.

Among all the stamps of Japan, furusato hometown stamps continue to promote the beauty of the various Japanese prefectures and countrysides.

Below, the latest new issue prefecture stamps, some of which are yet to be released.

We will regularly update this page as soon as the Japan Post Service announces the release of new issues furusato stamps.

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New Issues Furusato - Local Autonomy Act 'Oita Prefecture'

Oita Prefecture is featured on this Japanese new issues furusato stamp sheet. The prefecture is located on Kyushu Island.

The prefecture is famous for its hot springs, in particular those around the city of Beppu. The are known as the 'hells' and are a major tourist attraction.

The prefecture is bordered by Miyazaki, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto prefectures. It is divided between north and south by a major tectonic line. The Kirishima Range, a volcanic belt, runs vertically through the prefecture and contributes to the many hot springs making Oita the prefecture with the largest numbers of hot springs in Japan.

The Japan furusato stamps on the left shows the following kitte images:

  1. Usa-jingu and Futabayama. Usa-jingu also known as Usa-Hachimangu is a Shinto shrine in Usa City. It dates back to the Nara period and is dedicated to Emperor Ojin who was deified here as the tutelary god of warriors. Futabayama Sadaji (1912-1968), was the 35th Yokozuna in sumo wrestling. He had a winning streak of 69 bouts.
  2. Bungo Ume Blossom and Mejiro Bird. Also known as Prunus Ume, the Bungo Ume is a type of Japanese apricot found in Oita Prefecture. The Meijiro Bird is also called Japanese White Eye or Zosterops Japonicus. It is a small passerine bird. It is olive green on its back.
  3. Fukiji Temple; a Tendai temple in Bungotakada. Established in 718, it is oldest wooden structure in Kyushu. It is a designated national treasure.
  4. Hita Gion Matsuri Festival. A summer festival in which participants seek to dispel pestilence , wind, flood, and damage, and pray for peace and well-being. The highlight of the festival is a parade of nine elegant floats, some of them measuring more than ten meters in height.
  5. Bungo Futamigaura, located in the Kamiura area is a coastal stretch known for its wedded rocks. It is one of the 100 most beautiful sceneries in Oita.

The background of this new issue hometown stamps sheet shows the hot springs of Beppu City.

These new issue prefecture stamps are issued on November 15, 2012.

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New Issues Furusato - Local Autonomy Act 'Tochigi Prefecture'

Using a rather colorful design, the Tochigi commemorative prefecture stamps sheet stands out among the other prefectures stamps.

The prefecture is located in the Kanto region on Honshu Island. Located close to Tokyo, Tochigi is home to many corporations and industrial zones. Vehicle parts and accessories are the primary products, followed by vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and communication equipment.

Besides its industries, the prefecture is world famous for its historic sites. Nikko, whose ancient Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples UNESCO has recognized as World Heritage Sites is located in Tochigi.

Nikko National Park was registered as the 10th World Heritage Site in 1999. The area encompasses RInno-ji, Nikko Tosho-gu, Mt. Nantai, and Futarasan Shrine.

Other famous parts of Tochigi include the Nasu region with its onsen hot springs in Kinugawa and local sake. The imperial family has a villa in Nasu.

The new issue prefecture stamps to the left depict the following images:

  1. Nikko Tosho-gu Higurashi-mon Gate, dedicated to the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Built in 1617, Ieyasu's remains are entombed here.
  2. Ashikaga Gakko School, Japan's oldest academic institution. Located in Ashikaga City, it is said to have been founded in the 9th century. Students came here to study Confucianism and Chinese medicine. Saint Francis Xavier introduced the school to the world as Japan's best university.
  3. Kibuna, folk art yellow Crucian Carp. It is said that eating this fish cured smallpox in Tochigi.
  4. SL Mooka Steam train light railway, founded in 1912.
  5. Nasu Kogen Highlands, famous summer resort in Tochigi

The background behind these new issues furusato stamps shows Tochigi strawberries.

Tochigi prefecture is Japan's number one producer of 'tochiotome' fine strawberries.

Issue date for these new issue furusato hometown stamps is October 15, 2012.

Price: US$ 12.50

New Issues Furusato - Local Autonomy Act 'Miyazaki Prefecture'

This beautifully designed stamp sheet was issued on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Japan Local Autonomy Law.

The Local Autonomy Law of Japan was passed in April 1947 and established most of Japan's contemporary local government structures, including prefectures, municipalities, etc.

A typical furusato hometown stamp, it vividly gives a glimpse into the culture, nature, and history of the Ryukyu Islands.

The Japan furusato sheet shows notable sites of interest throughout Miyazaki prefecture.

At the top of the stamp sheet, you can see the Miyazaki prefectural government office building.

The four Japanese hometown stamps at the bottom depict:

Left-hand column

  1. Koibito no Oka - Lovers' Hill in Higashiusuki-gun
  2. Ebino Kogen - Ebino Plateau, part of the Kirishima 12km spectacular ridge trail

Right-hand column

  1. Nishimatsubara Sun - Golden rape flower fields with one of hundreds of ancient burial mounds in the back
  2. Rice Terraces in Sakamoto

The background of the stamp sheet shows the famous Nichinan coastline stretching from Miyazaki city all the way down to the southern tip of Kyushu island.

The Miyazaki prefecture new issues furusato stamp sheet are issued on August 15, 2012.

This fine examples of Japanese hometown stamps use a 6 color gravure print.

Price: US$ 13.00

New Issue Furusato - Furusato Travel Scenes 'Nagasaki'

Volume 16 in the Japan hometown travel scenes series will be released on September 11, 2012. It will feature highlights from the city of Nagasaki in Kyushu.

The Nagasaki prefecture new issues furusato stamp sheet is to show the following furusato travel scenes:

  1. Urakami Tenshudo - Urakami Christian Cathedral
  2. Heiwa Kinen Koen - Memorial Peace Park
  3. Double stamp: Megane-bashi - Spectacle Bridge
  4. Nagasaki Lantern Festival
  5. Soufukushi Temple
  6. Double stamp: Glover Park
  7. Nagasaki Kunchi
  8. Nagasaki Hansen Matsuri Festival

On the left, the Oura Tenshudo Cathedral is shown on the top and the famous Nagasaki night view at the bottom.

Issue date for these new issues furusato stamps is September 11, 2012.

Print method: Offset 5 color print.

Price: US$ 19.00

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