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The Japan Post Service offers new issues Japanese stamps on a regular basis. Almost every week, a new issue stamp is out up for sale and Japan philatelists and other collectors of Japanese stamps take this chance to enrich their stamp collections with yet another exotic kitte.

New issues Japanese stamps are usually issues with a lot size of anywhere in between 150,000 to 400,000, depending on whether it's a stamp sheet or a single mint stamp.

Motifs for Japan stamps new issues range from furusato hometown stamps to Japanese anime stamps, from Japan commemorative stamps to Japanese anniversary stamps, such as the world heritage stamp series or the beautiful zodiac star sign stamp series.

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Japan Stamps New Issues

New Issues Furusato

In recent years, some more non-traditional images have appeared on new issues Japan stamps for the first time in 2010. The Japan Post Service partnered with the private sector and issued two limited edition Japanese postage stamp sheet featuring the history of Nissan's electric vehicle (EV) development and of its popular Skyline model. Only 1000 sheets were issued for the EV and 5000 for the Skyline stamp series, making this one of the more sought after and collectible series in modern Japanese new issues stamp history.

Needless to say, collectors of Japan stamps snatched up the combined 6000 sheets in a matter of days.

Background of New Issues Japan Stamps

When did the Japan postal service introduce its first new issue Japanese stamp?

Actually, the first Japanese postage stamps were issued in 1871 during what was known as the Meiji period. Prior to that, foreign countries, with a presence in Japan, used their own country-specific stamps.

Based on the British postal system, Japan set-up its on postal service and, in April 1871, four new issues Japanese stamps covering different postal rates were introduced (commonly known as the Dragon stamp series for its images of two dragons facing each other).

Five years later, in 1876, the first definitive series was issued under the Imperial Japanese Post banner. And in March 1894, the first new issue Japan commemorative stamp series followed, marking the 25th wedding anniversary of the Meiji emperor.

The year 1935 saw Japan's first new issue New Year's stamp, depicting Mt. Fuji.

A second definitive new issues stamp series was introduced in 1942, the year that marked Japan's entry into WWII. Motifs were mostly war related and showed war workers and saluting aviators. A third and fourth series was issued in 1945 and 1946. However, print quality was crude and new issue stamps lacked the perforation.

After thew war, in 1966, following UPU (Universal Postal Union) regulations, new issues Japanese stamps showed the word NIPPON on them.

Finally, beginning 1989, the first new issue furusato hometown or Japan prefecture stamps were published.

New issues Japanese stamps have certainly shaped the history of the Japan Postal Service. For a great choice of all the currently available new issue stamps, please have a look at our categories:

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